Friday, January 30, 2015

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Original) and Revlon Colorstay Foundation Comparison


Recently I finished up my Revlon Colorstay and thought that I might as well try a different foundation. I read a lot of raves saying that Healthy Mix is suitable for dry skin which I am now having, so I went and grab this foundie.

Here's my comparison of the two.


Bourjois Healthy Mix comes in a pump, while Revlon Colorstay doesn't have one so obviously I prefer BHM on this one. With a huge 'mouth', its very easy to spill a lot more product than you need. Both come in sturdy glass bottle.


I'm not sure about the range of shades of both because I bought Revlon Colorstay in Indonesia and when I bought BHM I was in a hurry and didn't take time to look at other shades. I usually search for reviews online before buying a foundation so that I won't make a mistake picking shades that suit my skintone. I have Revlon Colorstay in Sand Beige (I don't think this shade is available in Malaysia) and BHM in shade 53 Light Beige. Revlon is a tad lighter for me and BHM is the perfect shade for my NC25-30 skin. Both are suitable for my skin.

In the packaging, Revlon looks a bit more yellow than BHM, but upon application I believe Revlon is actually more pink and BHM is more yellow.


Revlon Colorstay is a bit thicker and hence harder to blend than BHM. I like to apply both using damp sponge.


Revlon Colorstay is medium to full, while BHM is more light to medium. Both are buildable.


Revlon Colorstay finishes matte, does not accentuate pores but can definitely cling to dry patches so make sure you exfoliate before using. Do not apply too much since people can definitely tell that you are wearing makeup due to the heavy consistency. But it really is photo perfect and will look flawless on photos.

BHM is very lightweight, feels like a second skin, and finishes dewy. Not the sparkly shimmery glow but the natural healthy glow. I didn't have dry patches as at now so I'm not really sure if it clings to dry patch and flaky skin.

As you can see RC is more matte and BHM is more dewy.


Revlon Colorstay definitely stays all day, while I believe BHM stays for about 5 hours in this humid country. But I don't really mind to retouch up.

I even used Revlon Colorstay for my wedding makeup :)


I really love both, so in my opinion one should have both in their stash. I would definitely suggest Revlon Colorstay for people with oily skin and BHM for dry skin type. Also, for special occasion where you need to have makeup on for longer hours, I would suggest Revlon Colorstay whilst BHM is more suitable for everyday makeup because of its lightweight feeling and natural finish.

That's it for now. Toodles!

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